Saturday, June 12, 2010

Getting started in a new job

Next Tuesday I start a new job! I am very excited to be in a new job with more responsibility and adequate compensation.  Along with my very own office, the clinic has a full size frig and even better, a freezer!!  Immediately I started thinking that I could store ice cream in there.  I have no idea why I would eat ice cream at work but just in case...

I am thinking about everything I'll need to have on hand for a mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and pre-dinner. I say all of these because my work day is 10 hours long and I definitely need sustenance for that time period.  I've never had an office that's exclusively mine so it'll be wonderful to bring in all of my supplements, teas, foods and not worry if I forget something.  Larabars for those hungry moments, soy crisps for the snacky moments, and fruit for the inbetween nutritious moments.

The lunch hour will be 2 hours long so while I'll eat in most days, other days I will want to get out of the office.  It's a bonus that the clinic is located in the campus area so there are plenty of vegan restaurants and natural food stores within several miles.
YAY for new jobs!!


  1. Yay for new jobs for sure! You will be a good example of healthy eating habits for your clients.

  2. Congrats on your new job! How awesome. I laughed at the ice cream part- that's so cute that your reaction was "ice cream storage!" :) Can't wait to hear how it's going.