Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Job week 2

My second week at at the new job is going well!  I like my co-workers, I like the job, I like the patients...  I don't even mind the fact that I work 6 days a week (it's probably because the office has the A/C at 75 while home has the A/C at 90).  Because the office doesn't have a window and I desperately need color to brighten up the beige walls, I hung a picture called "The Blessing Tree" by Melissa Harris on one wall with the thought of hanging either a mirror or a window type picture on the opposite wall.

Lately, I've been eating breakfast, lunch and dinner in the office which means that my meals are invariably peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast and lunch although a new breakfast alternative I found at Whole Foods are the Food for Life gluten free english muffins.  They are really satisfying covered in Peanut Butter & Co. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter and Tofutti cream cheese.  Although GF, they taste and stand up to any other english muffin.  Because I am used to really spicy foods, I have developed a new PB sandwich for lunch that I LOVE! On 2 slices of hearty whole grain bread, apply pb to both slices, douse liberally with hot sauce and over that, sprinkle crushed chili peppers.  Delicious and satisfying!

Weekends are a little harder because I feel deprived during the week and want to make up for it on my days off.  So far, I've concentrated on creating different homemade pizzas but I think I am pizza-d out.  Is that possible??  I am not sure what my new weekend treat will be but I think it will probably be something super simple. It's hard to get too interested in food preparation when the kitchen is so hot.

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  1. Sorry dearest, but that is one pb item I will most likely never try, but I am glad that you do. :P